We provide the widest range of air filter sizes, thicknesses, and MERV ratings so you can find reliable, compatible air filters for your entire building.

We’re Air Filter Experts So You Don’t Have to Be

We’ll work with you to determine the exact specs for your system, your filtration needs, and help find the perfect filters for your buildings.

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Commercial and industrial air filters by NSpire Filters
NSpire Filters are proudly made in the USA.
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NSpire Filters has the largest selection of filter sizes.
Replacement HVAC air filters

Largest Selection of Sizes, from MERV 8 to 16

We offer hundreds of filters with MERV ratings from 8 to 16 in all popular sizes and thicknesses. Consolidate your filter needs and replenish your entire building’s filters with us.

Custom Sized Air Filters for Every System

Can’t find the right filter size? We manufacture custom sized air filters to exact size, MERV rating, and quantity needed. Build your custom filters in just a few simple steps.

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HVAC pleated air filter

We make ordering air filters one of your most manageable tasks.

Whether you have one system, several different units in your building, or use different MERV rated filters throughout your facility, we will help assemble your full order for you!

Air filters in every size and MERV rating for commercial buildings

Air Filters in Every Size and Performance Rating

We offer hundreds of filter sizes, from custom filters to a complete line of HVAC filters and V-Bank filters. NSpire Filters are designed to keep schools, universities, commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, government institutions and all other commercial HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency.

Pleated air filters

Brand Compatibility for Nearly Every System

NSpire filters are compatible with with most HVAC systems, including:

Air Kontrol
Five Seasons 
General Aire 

Trion AirBear Ultravation 

Replacing HVAC air filter

Replacement Filters Quickly Delivered On Your Recommended Schedule

Generally, it’s recommended to replace your HVAC air filters every 90 days (3 months) but this timing could be different based on several factors specific to your building. With our fast shipping and autoship program option, your filters are delivered in alignment with your replacement schedule so you never have to worry about missing a change cycle.

USA-Made Performance for Every Need

Air Filters from MERV 8 to 16

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. As a general rule, the higher the filter rating will yield higher air filtration capabilities. We offer filters with MERV ratings of 8 and above to offer effective air filtration and particulate removal.

MERV Rating chart

Supplying businesses worldwide with the items that keep them operating at their best

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Companies from NASA to all branches of the U.S. military to Fortune 500 companies like Google and American Express rely on Zogics products. From HVAC air filters to indoor air quality solutions, cleaning & disinfecting tools, wipes, and more, Zogics has the right products and services to help businesses thrive.

A better way to order replacement air filters

Managing your HVAC air filters, determining the right ordering frequency and understanding filter changes can be a hassle, but Zogics makes it easy. Our team of experts will help you with MERV suggestions, change cycle recommendations and all of your air filter purchasing needs. Providing quality replacement HVAC air filters for businesses of all types and buildings of all sizes is our speciality. Discover why switching to Zogics Nspire HVAC air filters is a breath of fresh air for your business. 

  • Fast shipping
  • Over 15 years experience
  • Wide range of filter sizes, types, and MERV ratings
  • Custom sized air filters available
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Fast turnaround quoting
  • Convenient autoship program
  • Bulk pricing discounts 
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Not sure of your exact specifications? Need assistance with finding the right filters for your HVAC system? 

No problem! We’re here to help.



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USA-Made Performance for Every Need

Air Filters from MERV 8 to 16

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. As a general rule, the higher the filter rating will yield higher air filtration capabilities. We offer filters with MERV ratings of 8 and above to offer effective air filtration and particulate removal.

Need help with your quote? 
We're here to help!

Connect with our air filter experts to get started at hello@nspirefilters.com.

Need help with your quote? We're here to help!

Connect with our air filter experts to get started at hello@nspirefilters.com.

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Evaporative Coolers

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From portable air filters, energy efficient evaporative coolers and air movers to full facility-wide systems, we have a wide range of indoor air quality products and solutions for every type of business.

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NSpire Filters by Zogics provides the widest range of replacement air filters for commercial & industrial applications. 


Carbon pleated HVAC filters

Carbon Pleated Filters Effectively Remove Smoke + Odors

Keep your indoor air fresh and clear with carbon pleated filters. Carbon filters provide superior odor and particulate capture by using activated carbon, combined with a non-woven polyester media to filter out unwanted particles, plus common household odors due to pets, cooking, smoke, and more. For maximum odor control, replace your filter every 30-90 days.